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Village Homes on the Web and in print

This page contains a collection of links to sites and print publications which discuss Village Homes. We've tried to include only unique information (there are a number of sites which mention Village Homes, but merely contain a link to one of these sites).

Web sites and pages

American Communications Foundation
A story which addresses the question "Why hasn't the Village Homes model spread to other communities?"
Community Greens
A summary of several special communities across the US, including Village Homes
Ecocomposite.Org (site of Professor David A. Bainbridge)
Writeup by Professor Bainbridge, VH Resident and Co-author with Judy Corbett of "Village Homes' Solar House Designs". Includes index of books and articles about Village Homes.
In Context, A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture
Village Homes: A model solar community proves its worth
Local Government Commission
This organization offers organized walking tours of Village Homes (contact information on the site). In addition, the site contains a lot of summarized quantitative statistics on Village Homes construction, density, average energy usage per capita, etc.
Rocky Mountain Institute
Overview of Village Homes facts and figures
Sustainable Petaluma Network
A field trip by several Petalumans to VH, and their impressions upon seeing it for the first time
Time Magazine
Part of a "Heroes for the Planet" series, with a profile of Michael Corbett, and interview regarding his perspective on Village Homes circa 1999. Also includes quotes by Judy Corbett and various Village Homes residents.
The Town Paper
2002 interview with Judy Corbett discussing Village Homes and her nonprofit group, the Local Government Commission
UC Berkeley Architecture Department
Student project to analyze and improve the passive solar design in a Village Homes house
Energy and the Human Environment: Toward Better Neighborhood Design, By Judy and Michael Corbett
From the Local Government Commission's Human Ecology Monograph Series


Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning From Village Homes, by Michael Corbett
A book about designing and building sustainable communities, using Village Homes as the primary example, by the developer of Village Homes
Village Homes: A Community By Design, by Mark Francis
A critical look at many facets of our community, written by a professor of landscape architecture and environmental design at UC Davis

Did we miss one? Are there other Village Homes-related websites out there? Please let us know; email the webmaster with the site link.