Frequently Asked Questions

What is Village Homes?

Village Homes is a 70 acre subdivision in Davis, CA.

What year was Village Homes constructed?

Construction began on the Village in 1975.

How many homes are in Village Homes?

There are 225 homes in our community.

How big is Village Homes?

The Village occupies 70 acres.

How many acres are in agricultural lands?

There are 23 acres in orchards, vineyards, greenbelts, common areas, and parks.

Are all the homes solar?

No, most are passive solar, some are active solar, and a few are traditional homes.

What are some of the features of Village Homes that help it to achieve sustainability?

Many factors promote sustainable living, such as land use, runoff management, solar construction, food consumption, pest management, green architecture, etc.

We have 23 acres in greenbelts, orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens, and edible landscape. Swales run through the Village to catch rainwater and deep water the trees planted near them. Two thirds of the homes are still active solar as well as our Community Center and our Pool. Residents may harvest fruit from common area trees and vines. Harvesting goes by the honor system; residents pick only what their families can consume. We spray only lime sulfur on our fruit trees to be as organic as possible.

How did Village Homes get such narrow streets?

Mr. Corbett built off-street parking bays for our visitors so there is no parking on the streets. This allows the streets to be narrow yet still provide access to fire trucks should that be necessary.

How are decisions concerning the community made?

Decisions are made by the Village Homes Board of Directors at monthly meetings.

How does being in Davis affect Village Homes?

The weather here is perfect for effective use of solar energy. Village Homes residents are encouraged to bike to work and downtown.

How does having the university here affect the community?

Many residents work at the University and it is handy to get there by bike.

What is the motto of the Village Homes?

Live In Peace.

Is there anything that the developer of Village Homes wouldn't do today if he had it do over again?

Mr. Corbett has said that he would do away with carports and build all garages.